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Website Design  & development.

Voclain Tech- Team of Best web designers in Lagos

best web designer in Lagos

We are passionate about helping your business to succeed by building beautiful and responsive websites for you, at the best available cost. But that’s not all. We help brands to maximize their online potential and boost growth.

best web designers in Lagos

What are your website goals?

A Corporate website to showcase your brand and attract prospective clients.

An e-commerce website to sell online, without stress and satisfy customers

A multi-vendor or marketing website to attract visitors and sellers

Or a mobile application that fits your business ideas and plans seamlessly, that is user friendly and responsive.


How much does a new website cost?

There is not a fixed answer to this question. Websites are designed based on the needs of each individual project, business or company. Every website is made differently and are unique and requires different components; we design and build custom websites for a wide range of organizations, firms and businesses, including SME’s. Firstly, We will ask questions, assess your business needs, and give you a quote based on our assessment. Most of our websites cost around N35,000 –N500,000, but can be more or less, depending on the needs and components.

How long does it take to get a new website?

A simple 5-6 page website would take between 5 days to two weeks, while a more complex 15-20 page website would be around 3-6 weeks.

The duration is dependent on certain factors; business needs, contents and copywriting, clients quick response to reviews etc. We take our time to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Will I be able to update the website myself when it is completed?

Definitely yes! We love our clients to have control of their website and learn how to manage it on their own. We will guide you to learn your way around, as well as provide you with the  training to help get you on every step of the way. We are eager to answer your questions .

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Our website Development Process

best web designers in Lagos

Master Plan

We ask questions about your business; your brand, products and services, your website needs, your selling points to gain more knowledge on your business and industry, and understand your target audience better. We then craft a plan from the given information for your project.

cheap website designers in Lagos

Layout & Design

We design a mock up of the project based on the needs of your business and the plan of the website, creating the website contents while blending with the right Fonts, Colours, Images and CTA’s  to attract your audience and give them a wholesome experience of your business website


This is the build phase of the project. We turn the designs into an actual website. We add functionalities, integrate APIs and create databases and portals to achieve a seamless and responsive website that customers can view on all types of digital devices

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Websites We build are

Well Designed & Built

Your website reflects your company, your products, services and certainly your brand. A great looking and easily accessible website without glitches will keep visitors on .

Mobile Responsive

Your website will be built to fit and work perfectly well on all digital devices- mobile, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Fast Loading

Your website load time is a key factor in the rate of conversions, a slow loading website can be a nightmare. We ensure your website pass through our speed test to guarantee a greatr customer experience.

Optimized for Search & Conversion

Your website goal is to attract and satisfy customers, not just beauty. We optimize your website for search engines and turn visitors to customers.

Easy To Use

Your website is built with world class tools and softwares to ensure a glitch-free experience. We also make it easy to use for both visitors and administrators